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Welcome to the Next Tuesday Podcast

Caroline is a business attorney who focuses on corporate formation and intellectual property; Suzi is a holistic wellness practitioner with a passion for the "woo woo". Throw them together in a room with a bottle of wine, a microphone, and a fellow boss-babe, and you never know what's going to happen!

Each week, Care + Suz interview a female entrepreneur, business owner, or executive to discuss life, business, and how to balance the two. Through two completely different lenses, Care + Suz explore the ins and outs of running a business, successes and failures, and how to keep sane while trying to shatter the glass ceiling. Joined by women from across the country, Care + Suz attempt to build a #girltribe of real life women by pushing past the curated Instagram life many #girlbosses project.

((Transcription Below))


SUZI: Welcome to the Next Tuesday Podcast. We’re your hosts.

CAROLINE: I’m Caroline.

SUZI: I’m Suzi.

CAROLINE: And we’re making women great again.

SUZI: Even though, we were always great.

CAROLINE: We’ll see you next and every Tuesday.

SUZI: So fucking cheesy.


SUZI: So not natural.


CAROLINE: Welcome to the Next Tuesday Podcast

SUZI: Welcome.

CAROLINE: This is our introduction episode.

SUZI: First episode ever.

CAROLINE: Today is March 14, 2017. Today is the day that we go live.

SUZI: We are live!

CAROLINE: Our website is up as of today at On that website you can find everything about us. You can find out about what we’re doing. And-

SUZI: You can download our episodes straight from there.

CAROLINE: You can also get them on Sound Cloud and iTunes.

SUZI: Check it out.

CAROLINE: So this is actually the second time we have recorded this intro. Because the first time we did it, it was- we were just so excited and so emotionally charged. And just ready to attack the world. And well, in more ways than one I guess. There was a lot of things that we wanted to do better. So now we have decided to record again to present a better version of ourselves with you.

SUZI: Yeah, Care and I are longtime friends. In another life we were in a sorority together, which feels like [LAUGHS]

CAROLINE: Oh my god.

SUZI: Another life than where we are now.

CAROLINE: It feels like three more, like three lifetimes ago probably.

SUZI: Probably all wrapped up into this one. And so yeah we were lamenting the current state of our world on that fateful Election Day. And here we are.

CAROLINE: And here we are. Here we are now. Ready to be here. So what we have decided to do is we wanted to start a podcast that highlighted the amazing things that women in business are doing and talking about the way that they are balancing their business life with this holistic version of ourselves. I just kind of- how you balance being a badass and being amazing at working with keeping things real and staying grounded and staying centered.

SUZI: The idea behind this and where we were at the time since we were just speaking about the election is we spent a lot of time grieving, how women were being portrayed and the conversation about women. And we’ll get into who we are and what we’re doing ourselves. But just acknowledging the amazing women in our lives. And the women that inspire us. And with the current state of life and looking at women and who women are. But really highlighting the strength, I think, and the struggles and the challenges and the humanness that women in business face.

CAROLINE: So let’s also be real. When we came up with this podcast we were crying on Suzi’s floor. Because we were just really upset about the state of our country and our lives.

SUZI: Which we just saged and lit some candles before recording because we’re back on the floor.

CAROLINE: We’re oh my god this is such a whoa, yeah, we’re back where it all started.

SUZI: We’re back where it all started.

CAROLINE: On the floor.

SUZI: On the floor.

CAROLINE: And we were sitting there drinking wine -

SUZI: With our bottle of wine.

CAROLINE: Yeah. Drinking wine.

SUZI: Now we’re drinking water.

CAROLINE: Suzi’s poor husband comes and he’s like uhhhh, you guys OK? What’s going on? And then he actually helped us pow wow and brainstorm.

SUZI: He did.

CAROLINE: Yeah he did.

SUZI: Amazing men support women.

CAROLINE: Men supporting women. Exactly. Actually I think Ryan is so supportive. He’s like so pro lady.

SUZI: Yeah.

CAROLINE: He was great. Right. So he was great and he kind of like sat and listened to us in our crying state of just kind of just feeling down about a lot of different things. Between our lives and then this it was just there was just so much compounded. And we were like we should do a podcast. And we all kind of jumped on that idea. So now here we are again.

SUZI: Here we are again. And so now Caroline can share how amazing she is in the world.


SUZI: What she’s doing in Richmond.

CAROLINE: I don’t know if I’m amazing. But, so I’m a lawyer. I’m kind of like one side of the yin yang that is our cool dichotomy juxtaposition of our ways.

SUZI: It’s super cool.

CAROLINE: We’re real cool.

SUZI: We’re really cool.

CAROLINE: I’m a lawyer. I do- I practice business law, but I really focus on intellectual property law. But my clients are small businesses. A lot of- I have a lot of female clients actually. I have a lot of male clients too. I guess it’s a good- I probably have a 50/50 split let’s be real. But I work with small companies who are doing you know their corporate formation, doing contract documents, hiring their first employees. But where I really would like to work is in intellectual property, which is- I do copyrights and trademarks and then help people handle their trade secrets. So I often travel and lecture or teach other lawyers about working with small creative companies and the best way to do that, the best way to handle finances for them, because it’s not like a large company where they can just you can just bill them and be like oh here’s a $10,000 bill. Backing up, I had my own small business. So I was running a small business being a lawyer before I worked at the company that I work for now. And I understand how difficult it can be to not have any money and to be trying to put money in two bank accounts and manage expectations and do all the social media and be essentially working two full time jobs.

SUZI: It’s a lot.

CAROLINE: It’s a lot. It’s a lot. So then I was acquired by another practice. A larger practice. And so now I work for someone else. But I still run the business branch, or run the Richmond branch of our practice. I love working with small business owners. I think they are amazing. And I also really empathize with the fact that it is the hardest thing ever.

SUZI: I’m Suz. And when we were recording this last year I would have told you all of these things that I am. Or that I wanted to be, more so. And I think now I’m trying to go through the journey of who I really am. Previous roles that I’ve said that I am: I have been the yoga teacher, the health coach, the business starter, definitely an idea generator. I have been a collaborator. I have been a social worker. And so I’ve kind of been on this journey of finding myself for the past decade. And through all of that I’ve lived in New York City doing social work practicing, psychotherapy. I have traveled through Southeast Asia for six months and landing in Australia. I have completed numerous teacher trainings in New York, in Perth, in India. I have completed Health Coaching certifications. And most recently a raw food chef certification in Bali. So I definitely have had this seeking of figuring out who it is I am. And simultaneously wanted to be someone, maybe other than showing up for myself. When we started this process, we moved back to Richmond, or back. My husband’s from here. This is my first time in Richmond. I moved here, got married, moved from the other side of the world, got married, bought a house, got a dog, started a full time job after I had been working for myself for the past few years. My husband started a job, well, he’s also entrepreneurial. A blessing and a curse with the two of us. Then I was working full time, teaching the yoga at studios, wanting so badly to create my own financial flow and capital and thing. So of course started a business because I started eating really unhealthy because I was super stressed and doing all the things I tell everyone else to be like woo slow down and breathe and think about what you’re doing. So when I did slow down and breathe, I picked up the pace because then I decided that Richmond needed a raw food guru. Also I struggle with really terrible menstrual cycles and so I was also trying to heal my body. But healing often requires us to slow down and really sit with what’s happening. And I was doing the opposite of that. I needed to achieve everything as quickly as possible and that train was like picking up momentum. And then luckily it didn’t crash but it catapulted me to Bali where I spent the beginning of this year, which was incredibly life altering. And transformative only in the sense that I was able to see myself differently. So I messaged Care when I was there and I was like umm we need to shift the start of this podcast and redirect


SUZI: Because I think I have been redirected. And she graciously said OK.

CAROLINE: I don’t care.

SUZI: And here we are again. So now I can tell you that I am, I am me. And my gift is this desire to connect and share humbly the experience of living this life and manifesting our sole purpose with the reality of the life that we walk in. And so I have begun this business called Raw Bliss Co. And the Co, not being corporation, but really about community and collaboration and a collective, co-creation. It is my belief that we are all powerful beings, purposely put on earth to share with each other in a greater schema, whether you’re spiritual, whether you’re religious, whatever your beliefs. We’re here together and we can’t deny that. So my purpose I believe in this life is just to share the experience and help people find their way to living authentically in their own raw bliss, whatever that is in and looks like. So it’s in this cast as we interview women and recognize real life and real strengths and real struggles, I will be the balanced, the corporate, and how does life feel. And what are the emotions and how do you take care of yourself. How do you allow yourself to have those days where life is hard.


SUZI: Because there are days where you just want to hide under a rock and say like I’m never coming out again. Like this is tough

CAROLINE: That is true. Yeah I’m just trying to get my coffee in the morning and then by the time I’m like up and have coffee, Suz has become a different person and like saved eight babies and

SUZI: [LAUGHS] I don’t know about that.

CAROLINE: Made some vegan cheesecakes. So we’re going to talk a little bit about why we’re called the Next Tuesday Podcast. Suz?

SUZI: I mean when you hear the phrase “see you next Tuesday,” it’s kind of like “C U Next Tuesday”

CAROLINE: And that’s a derogatory term for women. I think that probably everyone woman can think back on a time in her life when someone has called her the C word.

SUZI: And let’s just say, cunt.


SUZI: Do you know that in Australia, people love that word. And Care is having her head between her legs like oh my god she said it. But that’s the whole thing, is that we really are creating a platform where we’re hearing women’s voices who are strong, and we’re just so sick of hearing all of the-

CAROLINE: Feminine terms be used negatively

SUZI: And did you hear even that bit about Emma Watson recently?


SUZI: And how she’s so feminist in kind of her role, that’s what she’s become. And because she allowed herself to be embracing her sexuality, now everything all of her hard work has been taken.

CAROLINE: Yeah she was like I don’t understand why it’s about my tits. And I was like me either Emma Watson. Because you know what, I would be a little more freaked out by the fact that people are ok with you making out with a animal creature than the fact that you’re, as an adult, posing on the cover of some or whatever, not cover, in some inside wherever of a magazine. And you can kind of see the under boob.

SUZI: That said, why- I’m about to go on a total tangent here. But it’s like why can’t you like Beauty and the Beast as a woman, right?

CAROLINE: And still be a feminist.

SUZI: One of the things we’re doing is that by using the word that people use to put you down, when you take that word back and you take it and use it as your own, that’s actually taking the power back from that word.

CAROLINE: I’m not quite there yet where I can do that on air

SUZI: I lived in Australia and so that word I heard a lot in all its glory. So actually love that word.

CAROLINE: I love it secretly. I’ve always loved it. The first time I heard it I was a senior in high school. And some guy called a girl that. And I was like what’s that? In all my sheltered glory. Ever since then, it’s just been a word that I really appreciate. I really do appreciate it. And so when we were drunk and feeling sad because we felt like women were getting shit on after this election, we’re standing upside down on our heads doing handstands in Suzi’s kitchen or living room, we decided that we wanted some cheeky ass name to go along with what we were feeling.

SUZI: And at the time too I mean if we were making America great again when it’s already been great, why not make women great again when-

SUZI AND CAROLINE: we’ve already been great.

CAROLINE: So that’s kind of where we are and where we’re coming from. And some of the things that you have to look forward to in this podcast are interviews with lady entrepreneurs who span the age range.

SUZI: People of different genders and sexualities and sexual preferences


SUZI: Everything, right? Because it’s life that we’re living here together in this beautiful space of being human to share what we go through. And how it is just to be.

CAROLINE: So that’s what we are going to be doing and we hope that you come along for the ride. We’re going to have some fun things lined up. We have some great interviews that we’re going to be sending your way. We have people who are creatives, people who are definitely more on the corporate side, then we have some woo woos.

SUZI: Care and I are going to get really real on what we’re going through as well


SUZI: Because for whatever reason we have this desire to share with more than each other [LAUGHS] hence we’re starting this podcast.

CAROLINE: So we’re sharing it with you!

SUZI: So we’re sharing it with you.

CAROLINE: Little did you know. Anyway so that’s kind of what’s going on. We’re really excited to have everybody with us. You can follow us on social media. We have all of the forms of social media. If you want to find us on Instagram, our Instagram tag is NextTuesPodcast. All together is NextTuesPodcast on Insta. Our Twitter is the same. And we will see you.


CAROLINE: See you next Tuesday y'all.

SUZI: Peace.




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